"Lost Home", 2016; watercolor, 10 x 10 in.

Returning from the States to my hometown in Tokyo, I was surprised to see the subtle changes in the neighborhood. This illustration was inspired by a paused construction site near my home. I wondered whether the area served as home to some of the neighborhood stray cats. To me this image reflects the subtle sadness of the intimate relationship between the home and its inhabitants. 

"Red and Green", 2016; watercolor, 12 x 16 in.

"Neighborhood", 2018; adobe photoshop.

CIA Inc. and NTT collaborated to introduce a new community development for future Shinagawa district in Tokyo. The community is driven by innovation, start ups, and other creative fields. These illustrations provide viewers an overall image of the planned establishment. Sketches are also provided to show the illustrator's thought process. 

"Illumination Showed The Way", 2016; watercolor, 10 x 10 in.

This was a project based on a short phrase, "Illumination Showed The Way". During my process the word illumination brought up few ideas in my mind, but all were too simple and cliche. I figured I needed another angle, in which led me to think more metaphorically. After some time I had an idea where an anonymous figure is led by a small creature through the dark woods. 

Ueshima Coffee No.11 Lounge 50's Jazz Illustrations, 2017; gouache.

CIA Inc. and Ueshima Coffee teamed together to launch a brand new concept based cafe located in Onarimon, Tokyo. The concept incorporated a jazz theme to provide customers an "enjoyable and valuable time drinking filter coffee”. 

Sakura Craft Pen Illustration, 2017; pen and ink

CIA Inc. and Sakura Craft Pen teamed together for the development of a new style pen. These illustrations are printed on the gift wrapping paper to provide the viewer an overall image of the product right before opening the box.

CIA.inc Website Illustrations, 2016; pen and ink.

Illustration drawings for the renewal of CIA Inc. website project page. References provided by Art Director.

"Lost Postman", 2016; watercolor, 14 x 19 in.

Craig Nelson once told me, "the key to illustration is collecting the right references". The Lost Postman is composed of about 20 different sources. It was an enjoyable painting and research project. 

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