"Kaisu Food and Drink Menu", 2018; adobe illustrator. 

Originally there were separate menus for dinner, lunch, dessert, drinks, and cocktail, which were each distributed at different hours of the day. To minimize the time spent on shifting from one menu to other daily, the aim was to combine all as one. The new menu has three double sided folds, includes every item, and a brief description of Kaisu. 

"Kaisu Board", 2018; adobe illustrator. 

At the beginning of 2018, Kaisu launched a new concept where guests and local community could share, connect, and join culture in a common space. Since Kaisu was popular amongst people from local offices as a quick grab for lunch, there were few connections nor space for both parties to be together, To aim much slower and calmer enviornment, Kaisu halt it's lunch service to focus serving coffee and beer.

"Personal Logo", 2015; adobe photoshop.

To aim a simple design, I incorporated my own background into the logo. The surname inscribed is written in katakana. This is because my father comes from a Japanese-American family. The ring encircled is also a symbol of my heritage, which comes from my Korean grandfather whose last name was Oh. 

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